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Cam Buckle Straps(PP) with reflective strips-300kgs

Cam Buckle Straps, made of PP(polypropylene), capacity: 300kgs, endless type(one part only), with reflective strips, according to EN 12195-2.

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Technical Details:

cam buckle strap length cam buckle 300kg

Material: PP(polypropylene), color black with 2 reflective strips

Width: 1 Inch(25mm)

Length(L): 2.5m

Capacity(B/S): 300kgs

Cam buckle: black powder coated

Type: one part only, endless type


The cam buckle straps are mainly used to lash small cargo to bicycles or motorcycles. It is easy to use and for lashing only. Do not use it for lifting!

application of cam buckle straps

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