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Welcome to Hangzhou, China

History Historically as one of seven famous ancient capital cities in China, Hangzhou is a major

destination of tourism and ancient civilization. Its 2,200 years of history from the Qin Dynasty witnessed Hangzhou as capital of the nation both in the Dynasties of Wu Dai and South Song. Today, Hangzhou is the provincial capital and the center of politics, economy, culture and tourism in Zhejiang province, which is about 180 km (112 miles) southwest of Shanghai. Covering an area of about 16,596 square kilometers, Hangzhou has the population of 6,114,000. of which the city proper covers 683 square kilometers with a population of 1,719,000. Famous for its scenic beauty, Hangzhou is regarded as “Paradise On Earth”. A well-known Italian traveler Marco Polo once praised Hangzhou as the most beautiful and splendid city in the world.

Language Hangzhou natives speak one of the Northern Wu dialects, which is similar to the dialects spoken in Shanghai and Suzhou. 

Culture With its cultural relics now restored and preserved, Hangzhou is renowned as one of the six famous ancient capitals of China (the others are Beijing, Nanjing, Xi'an, Luoyang and Kaifeng). West Lake (Xihu) is an especially popular destination for Chinese tourists, due to its picturesque scenery and its associations with many famous emperors, poets and painters. The many well known handicrafts of Hangzhou include brocade,umbrellas, fans and scissors.   


Food Two famous teas are exported from Hangzhou: Longjing (Dragon Well) green tea and dried white crysanthemum flowers which are used as medicinally. Hangzhou cuisine is the most famous representative of Hangzhou cooking. Its dishes include West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, Pork Dongpo Style, Longjing Shrimp, and Aunt Song's Fish Soup. 

Folklore Hangzhou is often said to be the home of the most beautiful women in China. 


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