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Round Sling HRS EN1492-2 & AS4497 Double Cover

Polyester Round slings, double cover, made of 100% polyester according to standard EN1492-2:2008+A1 & AS4497.1(European & Australian Standard).

round slings GS and CE

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round slings cover

double cover round slings specifications


* Material: 100% high tensile polyester

* Safety Factor: 7:1

* Capacity: from 1ton to 50 tons

* Effective Working Length: from 0.5m to 20m up

* Color: according to standard EN1492-2 & AS4497

* Standard: EN1492-2:2008+A1 & AS4497.1

* Certificate: GS & CE certificates issued by TUV SUD

* Cover: double, single is also available(click here to see details


Each piece with shrink film packing or as per your requirement.

Important advice for safe lifting:

1. Consult Yaletech for configurations not shown on the sling tag or a relevant load chart.

2. Do not use sling if tag is removed.

3. Inspect sling for damage before each use.

4. Do not use sling if there is any sign of a cut cover, snagging, heat or chemical damage, excessive wear, damagedseams, any other defects or presence of grit, abrasive materials or other deleterious material.

5. Do not tie knots in sling.

6. Protect sling from sharp edges of load.

7. Do not expose sling to temperatures above 90°C.

8. Do not allow abrasive or other damaging grit to penetrate the fibers.

9. Consult Yaletech before immersing a sling in a chemical solution.

10. Keep away from strong alkalis and phonetic compounds.

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