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Safety Harness YL-S302

Full Body Harness YL-S302

1) Belt material:100% polyester

2) Webbing width: 45mm

3) With 1 forging D-rings and 5 adjustable points

4) Light and easy to wear

5) Meet EN361 & ANSI Z359.1

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Full Body Harnesses are a series of straps and buckles made of various materials. Most are made of polyester webbing. Other materials include different types of foam, mesh and micro fleece. The harness tends to be adjustable to fit the person using it.  

Popular lanyards are as follows:

Other Models available:

Full body-harnesses are used for a variety of activities, including construction work and rock climbing, to prevent injury or death from fall. Pls check the proper models according to your applications. 


Each piece in color box, non-woven bags packaging or as you required. Popular packagings are as follows:

How to tie a safety harness:

1.Tie the webbing into a loop or runner using a water knot or other suitable climbing knot.

2. Wrap the loop around your waist, and secure with a locking carabiner.

3. Pull the bottom piece of the loop from your back up through your legs. Clip the webbing into the locking carabiner.

4. Tie another short piece of webbing around your waist, and clip it into the carabiner. This will provide an extra measure of safety during a fall.


You should buy a harness that is made specifically for the job, sport or purpose you need the harness for. In addition, safety, functionality and comfort are also things that should be considered.

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