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Polyester Woven Strapping-19mmx1100daN

We offer a wide range of polyester woven strapping for lashing container, ship, car etc. All of our strappings have been approved and Certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

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Polyester Woven Strapping is the most versatile and flexible of all non-metallic strapping. Yaletech Polyester Woven Strapping is woven from high quality polyester yarns. Yaletech Polyester Woven Strapping is the superior alternative to other types of strapping including steel, composite and  truded.

Manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarn, the Polyester Woven Strapping replaces  conventional load-restraint products like heavy duty steel strapping, wire rope, chains, ratchet straps and greatly reduces or eliminates the need for wood blocking and bracing.

The webbing structure makes the strapping very flexible and easy to work with, even in confined spaces. Yaletech Polyester Woven Strapping is extremely SAFE to use, and the shock characteristics are superior to any other load securing materials.  This shock absorbency feature keeps the strapping secure through the most rugged transit.  Yaletech Polyester Woven Strapping is closed by specially developed non-slip phosphate buckles, and tensioned with a manually operated, battery operated tensioned or pneumatic tools. Yaletech Polyester Woven Strapping  is accepted and approved by many shipping lines and marine insurance surveyors. They adhere to the regulations of the International Maritime Organization , the European Railways and other regulatory bodies.

The Yaletech Polyester Woven Strapping are available in A variety of tensile strengths and widths are available to suit any requirement. Through the use of a manual strapping tool, loads can be tensioned and secured. Rigorous in-house testing in our sophisticated laboratory ensures absolute consistency in all technical aspects.

Furthermore, Our new printing technology enable us to offer the option to print Strappings with logo and your company name: color strap and color printing according to your choice (Max. 4-colors).

Our Yaletech Woven Strapping has been approved and Certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

Attaining and maintaining accreditation with this international certification body for shipping is a costly process but is an indication of the quality standards that our products conform to. In most cases, GL certification is a pre-requisite for shipping.

Advantages of Polyester Woven Lashings:

* Unalterable: UV and weather
* High tensile strength
* Does not rust
* Quick to install
* Easy to use
* Printable with logo, strength and name
* Resistance to chemicals
* high mechanical resistance to tensile

Specifications of woven strapping:

* Width: 19mm

* Linear Breaking Strength: 1100daN

* Color:  Natural White

* Packing:  500m/Coil

How to use polyester woven strappings:how to use polyester woven strapping

Available Sizes of polyester woven strappings:

polyester woven strapping sizes