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50mm Ratchet Lashing with Tension Force Indicator

50mm Ratchet Lashings with Tension Force Indicator, patented, LC: 2500daN/5000daN, according to EN 12195-2.

Tension force indicator 

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Normal Ratchet for 50mm ratchet lashing belts

 normal ratchet


        Double J hook for 50mm ratchet lashing                       

double J hook for 50mm ratchet lashing










Technical Data:

Belt Material: 100% Polyester                               application of 50mm ratchet lashing belt

Belt Width: 50mm

Belt Color: Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Green+ 5 black strips

Belt Strength: 7500daN 

LC: 2500daN/5000daN

STF: 350daN

Length: 6m/ 8m/9m/10m/12m/15m

Fixed  end Length: 0.5m

Packing: each piece in shrink film


* Meet all requirements of EN 12195-2

* With tension force indicator(If no tension force indicator on cargo lashing, you can not read the force on the webbing during the transporting, so there are still risks of injury or death because of the overloads. But with the indicator, you may read the force easily and avoid the risk of danger. Our indicator is produced according to the standard EN12195-2 and it could show the force from 100daN to 1000daN(if the force less than 100daN, it show "LO" and if more than 1000daN, then shows"OU")

* Advantages: simple operation: just put down the botton"Press" for two seconds, then shows the force on the screen.

* Long Life: 2 years for normal use

* Reduce the risk of injury

* Various end fittings are available to suit specific lashing needs Hooks for 50mm ratchet lashings


* Not for lifting!

Only trained and authorized persons are permitted to use the ratchet tie down. 


* Do not exceed the lashing capacity indicated by the manufacturer! In the case of improper use, the transported articles can not be secured correctly and may cause damages.

* Protect the webbing against sharp edges!

* Examine the wear or damages of the web lashing before each use. If any wear and damages at the webbing or damages at the metal parts, do not use the ratchet tie down any longer.

* Make sure the webbing is fitted without twists and in such a way that may influence the rated lashing capacity, otherwise it may cause damages.

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